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Back Issues 1992–2012

  Nov/Dec 2012
Nov/Dec 2012
Vol. 76, No. 2

Exit Rick Levin, Smiling

Working vacation in Ghana

A bipolar novelist makes art from her life

Freshman Address

  Sept/Oct 2012
Sept/Oct 2012
Vol. 76, No. 1

Jon Stewart’s right-hand man

Bart Giamatti’s classic baseball essay

The first seven women with Yale PhDs

A guide to student fashion

  July/Aug 2012
July/August 2012
Vol. 75, No. 6

The Cass I’ll Never Forget

Cutler’s record store says goodbye

The highly unlikely opera company

Commencement 2012

  May/June 2012
May/June 2012
Vol. 75, No. 5

Rap. Unwrapped.

Trial by fire in a Shakespeare sonnet slam

God and White Men at Yale

  Mar/Apr 2012
Mar/Apr 2012
Vol. 75, No. 4

Eden at Yale: Marsh Botanical Garden

Quarterback Patrick Witt ’12 and the Rhodes Scholarship

Accidential advice columnist Philip Galanes ’84, ’91JD

  January/February 2012
Jan/Feb 2012
Vol. 75, No. 3

Taligating: the problems & the pleasures

Thornton Wilder’s essay about Yale

A Blue-themed crossword puzzle

Midcentury design: the making of modern

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November/December 2011
Nov/Dec 2011
Vol. 75, No. 2


The Bird-Filled World of Richard Prum

Did Louis’ Lunch invent the hamburger?

How tailgating began

A playwright finds sobriety and a (very) different career


September/October 2011
Sept/Oct 2011
Vol. 75, No. 1


Cold Case: Dinosaur Edition

Yale’s Civil War memorial

How the US can get more bang for its health-care buck


July/August 2011
July/Aug 2011
Vol. 74, No. 6


Is Yale a “hostile environment” for women?

A brief history of free speech at Yale

A doctor whose patient is the health care system


May/June 2011
May/June 2011
Vol. 74, No. 5


Mortality & the Black Yale Man

Buddhism & the Bhutanese Forests

The Annual Lumberjack Mustache Contest


March/April 2011
March/April 2011
Vol. 74, No. 4


Holy Eli, Batman!

Power Balance bracelets

Yale’s architectural archives


Jan/Feb 2011
Jan/Feb 2011
Vol. 74, No. 3


The Brain Cutter

How I Stole a Yale Chair

Anonymous Was a Woman

The 127th Yale-Harvard Game


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Nov/Dec 2010
Nov/Dec 2010
Vol. 74, No. 2


Singapore Spinoff

Mory’s, reincarnated

Highs and lows in 200 years of medical education

Meet the Class of 2014


September/October 2010
Sept/Oct 2010
Vol. 74, No. 1


The Velázquez in the basement

Egyptologists find a lost city in the desert

West Campus, Yale’s deal of the century


July/August 2010
July/Aug 2010
Vol. 73, No. 6


Your summer reading assigment from the Yale faculty

Master T, professor of mambo

Andrew Solomon on the suicide of a friend


May/June 2010
May/June 2010
Vol. 73, No. 5


Politician Tom Perriello ’96, ’01JD

Mutant medical mice—now, by mail order

“Prose whisperer” Anne Fadiman

Senior suites go coed


March/April 2010
March/April 2010
Vol. 73, No. 4


The “artificial pancreas”

A soon-to-be-famous playwright

Book review: should single women settle?


Jan/Feb 2010
Jan/Feb 2010
Vol. 73, No. 3


The passions and privations of the start-up entrepreneur

Michael Cunningham on Walt Whitman’s glasses

Anne Applebaum on Thucydides

The mystery of the missing Tiffany window


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Nov/Dec 2009
Nov/Dec 2009
Vol. 73, No. 2


Life at Yale during the Great Depression

A murder on campus

Yale prof wins Nobel

The cartoons that shook Yale


Sept/Oct 2009
Sept/Oct 2009
Vol. 73, No. 1


They called him “Mr. Bubble”

When the college went coed

The environment school’s new building

How kids can ace reading tests


July/Aug 2009
July/Aug 2009
Vol. 72, No. 6


Why they call Yale the “Gay Ivy”

The Newberry Memorial Organ

“America’s worst mom”

Our summer reading list


May/June 2009
May/June 2009
Vol. 72, No. 5


Not the New Haven you remember

No strike! Yale and unions make a deal

Geronimo’s descendants sue Obama, Skull & Bones, and Yale


March/April 2009
March/April 2009
Vol. 72, No. 4


Financial wisdom from David Swensen

The author of On Writing Well, William Zinsser

This is your brain on estrogen

Mory’s closes, for now


Jan/Feb 2009
Jan/Feb 2009
Vol. 72, No. 3


God & Tony Blair

What Obama should do for the economy

Endowment loses $5.9 billion

Bin Laden’s “library” comes to Yale


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Nov/Dec 2008
Nov/Dec 2008
Vol. 72, No. 2


The A&A Building

The Yale University Press

The Infamous Yale-Harvard Game of ’68


September/October 2008
Sept/Oct 2008
Vol. 72, No. 1


Will Mory’s survive?

The missionary & the gorilla



July/August 2008
July/Aug 2008
Vol. 71, No. 6


Who wrote the Serenity Prayer?

Brek-ek-ek-ex! A grand—but silly—Yale tradition returns

What they do on their summer vacations


May/June 2008
May/June 2008
Vol. 71, No. 5


William F. Buckley Jr. and Yale: three views

Extreme makeover: the Peabody’s Age of Reptiles mural

How Prozac became prosaic


March/April 2008
March/April 2008
Vol. 71, No. 4


The patriarch: Vincent Scully at 87

Lux et privacy: Yale’s campus police force

The Doodle dies … or does it?

Yale drops its prices


January/February 2008
Jan/Feb 2008
Vol. 71, No. 3


Sociologist Elijah Anderson

The Bass Library (R.I.P., CCL)

A Brief History of Groupthink

The Game (aka The Disaster)


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November/December 07
Nov/Dec 2007
Vol. 71, No. 2


Yale’s Big Green Experiment

The real writers of “nattering nabobs” and “axis of evil”

Why Yale president Rick Levin drives a Prius


July/August 07
Sept/Oct 2007
Vol. 71, No. 1


Yale on Stamps

Indiana Jones and the Tower of Ivory

Political Correctness: A Liberal Speaks Out


July/August 07
July/Aug 2007
Vol. 70, No. 6


How a handful of doctors found one of the deadliest kinds of TB in the world

The Sterling Map Collection

The Yale Political Union


May/June 07
May/June 2007
Vol. 70, No. 5


Yalies Who Rock

Revamping the MBA

Looking for Lady Jane


March/April 07
March/April 2007
Vol. 70, No. 4


The Birth of Birth

Fictional Yalies

Martin Bresnick, a Maestro from the Bronx


Jan/Feb 07
Jan/Feb 2007
Vol. 70, No. 3


The Milgram Experiments Revisited

Students and Plagiarism

Rebirth of the Art Gallery

Why Yale College Will Keep Early Admissions


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Sept/Oct 06
Nov/Dec 2006
Vol. 70, No. 2


Yale Divinity School & the Future of Protestantism

How to Get Out of Beiruit in a Hurry


Sept/Oct 06
Sept/Oct 2006
Vol. 70, No. 1


Yale Dictionary of Quotations

The Rise, Fall, and Rise of New Haven’s Elms

The Rediscovery of Architect Eero Saarinen


July/Aug 06
July/Aug 2006
Vol. 69, No. 6


The Bulldog and the Panther: May Day 1970

Shakespeare’s Will

Extreme Eating: The Doodle Burger Challenge


May/June 06
May/June 2006
Vol. 69, No. 5


Should Former Taliban Spokesman Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi be at Yale?

Did Skull and Bones Rob Geronimo’s Grave?


March/April 06
March/April 2006
Vol. 69, No. 4


The Baby Gamble: Can Mothers Succeed in Academia?

The Central Power Plant

Stalking the Killer Mosquito


Jan/Feb 06
Jan/Feb 2006

Vol. 69, No. 3


Yale Under Construction

Brundibar at the Yale Rep

Man & Myth at Yale: Charles Hill


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Sept/Oct 05
Nov/Dec 2005
Vol. 69, No. 2


Half Full and Half Empty: Drinking at Yale

Aural History: Yale’s Collection of Early Vocal Recordings

Comfort Food: Claire’s Corner Copia


Sept/Oct 05
Sept/Oct 2005
Vol. 69, No. 1


Breaking the Tantrum Cycle: Child Psychologist Alan Kazdin

Louise Bryant’s Long-Lost Papers

Mission to Guantanamo: Yale Law School Dean Harold Hongju Koh


July/Aug 05
July/Aug 2005
Vol. 68, No. 6


Yale’s $8 Billion Man: David Swensen

Why the Liberal Arts Are Good for Business


May/Jun 05
May/June 2005

Vol. 68, No. 5


Gods & Man at Yale

The World Fellows Program

Campus Clocks


Mar/Apr 05
March/April 2005

Vol. 68, No. 4


John Pepper Wants to Bring Corporate Culture to Yale

Are You Charlotte Simmons?

William Clark’s Master Map of the Lewis & Clark Expedition


Jan/Feb 05
Jan/Feb 2005
Vol. 68, No. 3


Biomedical Engineer Erin Lavik

35th Anniversary of the Afro-American Cultural Center

The Game


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Nov/Dec 04
Nov/Dec 2004
Vol. 68, No. 2


Benoit Mandelbrot, the Father of Fractals

When Men Were Men and Football Was Brutal

Yale & China


Sept/Oct 04
Sept/Oct 2004
Vol. 68, No. 1


The African Art Collection of Charlie Benenson ’33

Why We Hate

Midwife Helen Varney Burst ’63MSN


July/Aug 04
July/Aug 2004

Vol. 67, No. 6


Fencer Sada Jacobson

Lux, Veritas, and Sexual Trespass

Linsley Pond, the Place Where Ecology was Born


May/June 04
May/June 2004

Vol. 67, No. 5


The (Second) Great All-Blue Presidential Race

Why a Couple of Yale Professors Advise Eating Bananas Upside Down

The Campus During WWII


March/April 04
March/April 2004

Vol. 67, No. 4


William Sloane Coffin Jr.

Obesity & the American Dream

Robot Dogs on a Mission


Jan/Feb 04
Jan/Feb 2004
Vol. 67, No. 3


Underground Yale: The Hidden Collections

The Quest to Cure Dyslexia

What Does an Undergrad Need to Know?


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Nov/Dec 03
Nov/Dec 2003
Vol. 67, No. 2


East Timor Genocide

How Yale Got its Groove Back

David Gelernter vs. Goliath


Sept/Oct 03
Sept/Oct 2003
Vol. 67, No. 1


The Second Coming of the Divinity School

Flight to Glory: WWI

Gilmore Girls


Summer 03
Summer 2003

Vol. 66, No. 8


The Books that Made the Writers

The Golden Hours of the Romanovs

’68 Reunion at the White House


May 03
May 2003
Vol. 66, No. 7

  Henry Koerner Center for Emeritus Faculty

YUAG Renovation & Expansion

The Political Science Department


Apr. 03
April 2003

Vol. 66, No. 6


Larry Kramer

Yale Bologna Festival

Urban Design Workshop


Mar. 03
March 2003

Vol. 66, No. 5


Studies in Grand Strategy

The Medical School’s Congress Avenue Building

Deane Keller’s WWII Papers


Feb. 03
February 2003

Vol. 66, No. 4


The 10 Greatest Yalies Who Never Were

Astronomy & the End of the World

New BAC Director Amy Meyers


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Dec. 02
December 2002
Vol. 66, No. 3


Yale Entrepreneurial Society

Rediscovering Machu Picchu


Nov. 02
November 2002

Vol. 66, No. 2


Inside Autism

Finding Franklin

Secrets of the Maya Temple

School Days in the West Bank


Oct. 02
October 2002

Vol. 66, No. 1


The Trouble with Frogs

The Duke & I

Ulysses S. Grant Foundation


Summer 02
Summer 2002

Vol. 65, No. 8


Making Music Matter

Considering Free Speech

A Lower Key Commencement


May 02
May 2002

Vol. 65, No. 7


The Class of 1954 Environmental Science Center

How ’Bout That Men’s Basketball Team?

Charles Lindbergh in New Haven


Apr. 02
April 2002

Vol. 65, No. 6


Review of the University by the Committee on Yale College Education

Rebuilding Engineering


Mar. 02
March 2002

Vol. 65, No. 5


New Drama Dean James Bundy

School of Management Dean Jeffrey Garten


Feb. 02
February 2002

Vol. 64, No. 4


Leading the Libraries

The Slavery Legacy

Learning from September 11 by John Lewis Gaddis


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Dec. 01
December 2001
Vol. 65, No. 3


A Festive Finale: Yale Tercentennial

The Past & Future University by President Levin

Gender Matters: Where We Stand


Nov. 01
November 2001
Vol. 65, No. 2


A More Global Yale

Belief, Bricks & Beyond: The Yale Divinity School

An Alumna on the Mommy Track Thinks About Priorities


Oct. 01
October 2001
Vol. 65, No. 1


America the Beautiful at the YUAG

States of a Union: GESO


Summer 01
Summer 2001
Vol. 64, No. 8



Gerhard Casper, Eli’s Stanford Man

Sticking with China


May 01
May 2001

Vol. 64, No. 7


New Haven: Biotech City?

Student Drinking

Urban Planner Alexander Garvin


Apr. 01
April 2001

Vol. 64, No. 6


The Gilder Boathouse

The Impact of Athletic Excess

Paul Mellon’s Personal Best


Mar. 01
Special Tercentennial Edition

Vol. 64, No. 5


“Quarrels with Providence” by Lewis Lapham

Yale’s Lost Landmarks

Distinguished Graduates & Dropouts


Feb. 01
February 2001
Vol. 64, No. 4


Technology & Privacy

George W. Bush ’68 by Carter Wiseman ’68

The University’s $70 Million Windfall from an Unorthodox Class Gift


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Dec. 00
December 2000
Vol. 64, No. 3


The New Art School Building

Yale Egyptologists

“The Selectivity Squeeze” by Robert Reich

Tercentennial Kickoff


Nov. 00
November 2000
Vol. 64, No. 2


Deciphering the Admissions Map

Kurt Schmoke, the Yale Corporation’s First African American Senior Fellow


Oct. 00
October 2000
Vol. 64, No. 1


Sherwin Nuland: A Matter of Life & Death

100 Years of Drama at Yale

Who Wrote “Boola Boola”?


Summer 00
Summer 2000
Vol. 63, No. 8


Framing the Future: The Campus “Un-Plan”

Replanting Ecology

President Levin on the Internet Revolution


May 00
May 2000
Vol. 63, No. 7


Serious About the Sciences

What the Deans Do

Early Italian Paintings Lost & Found


Apr. 00
April 2000
Vol. 63, No. 6


Welcome to World Lit

Cataloging Creation: Abandoning the Linnean System

The Legacy of History Professor C. Vann Woodward


March 00
March 2000
Vol. 63, No. 5


Historian John Lewis Gaddis on the Cold War

The Magical Medical Mouse

The Persistence of Poetry


Feb. 00
February 2000
Vol. 63, No. 4


All About Attitude: Athletics Under Tom Beckett

Going Local: Alumni Careers in the Elm City


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Dec. 99
December 1999
Vol. 63, No. 3


How “Inky” Clark & Kingman Brewster Transformed Yale

The Birth, Near-Demise, and Comeback of “Bright College Years”


Nov. 99
November 1999
Vol. 63, No. 2


The Circuits of the Future

Berkeley College’s $35 Million Renovation

No Doctor? No Problem: Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants


Oct. 99
October 1999
Vol. 63, No. 1


New Forestry School Dean James Gustave Speth

How Historian Gaddis Smith Sees Yale’s Past

Levi Jackson ’50: Hometown Hero

Countdown to 300


Summer 99
Summer 1999
Vol. 62, No. 8


A Tribute to Paul Mellon ’29

Afro-Am at 30



May 99
May 1999
Vol. 62, No. 7


International Adoption

New YUAG Director Jock Reynolds

Female Professors


Apr. 99
April 1999
Vol. 62, No. 6


The “New” Center for British Art

The Mory’s Mystique

Some Freshman Perspectives


March 99
March 1999
Vol. 62, No. 5


The Return of Robert A. M. Stern

Yale Merchandise


Feb. 99
February 1999
Vol. 62, No. 4


Barnes & Noble, and Mom & Pop

How Sterling Professors Get That Way

A More Global Yale?


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Dec. 98
December 1998
Vol. 62, No. 3


Welcome to Yale, the Restaurant

Beyond Women’s Studies


Nov. 98
November 1998
Vol. 62, No. 2


Renovating a Classic Campus

The Yale School of Nursing Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

A “Thanksgiving jubilee” that ushered in the theater


Oct. 98
October 1998
Vol. 62, No. 1


How Yale Handles Dual-Career Couples

Frats are Ba-ack!

Linguistics Keeps on Talkin’


Summer 98
Summer 1998
Vol. 61, No. 8


The Spock Legacy

New Vice President Bruce Alexander ’65

The Graduate School’s New Dean, Neurobiologist Susan Hockfield


May 98
May 1998
Vol. 61, No. 7


Stephen Carter on Civility

Yale–New Haven Teachers Institute

An essay by Prescott Bush ’17


March 98
April 1998
Vol. 61, No. 6


Biomedical Goes Major

Squelching Student-Teacher Romance

The New Center for Language Study


March 98
March 1998
Vol. 61, No. 5


Yale’s Tallest Tales

Charles Ives, Cranky Composer

An essay by John Hersey ’36


Feb. 98
February 1998
Vol. 61, No. 4


The School of Medicine & the Healthcare Revolution

The A&A Building That Won’t Go Away


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December 1997
December 1997
Vol. 61, No. 3


Rewired Editor William F. Buckley Jr. ’50 Tackles Teaching

The “Improv” Scene

The Booking of New Haven (Barnes & Noble vs. Yale Co-op)


November 1997
November 1997
Vol. 61, No. 2


How a Course Happens

Irish paintings at the Yale Center for British Art

Yale College Dean of Student Affairs Betty Trachtenberg


October 1997
October 1997
Vol. 61, No. 1


How Yale raised a whopping $1.7 billion

Can Football Coach Jack Siedlecki “Get It Done”?

A New Opening to China


Summer 1997
Vol. 60, No. 8


The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Turns 150

Cellist Inbal Megiddo ’98, ’01MusM, ’02ArtA


May 1997
Vol. 60, No. 7


Art and the Undergraduate


April 1997
Vol. 60, No. 6


William Blake paintings at the Yale Center for British Art


March 1997
Vol. 60, No. 5


The Yale of My Day


February 1997
Vol. 60, No. 4


International Students

The Push for Women’s Health


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December 1996
Vol. 60, No. 3


Campus Politics Making a Comeback


November 1996
Vol. 60, No. 2


The Changing Face of the Campus Cop

Carm Cozza’s Last Call


October 1996
Vol. 60, No. 1


Arts & the Elm City

Putting Teaching To the Test


Summer 1996
Vol. 59, No. 8


Transcript vs. Potential

On Learning to Write Well


May 1996
Vol. 59, No. 7


The Vinland Map

Resolving Psychotherapy’s Identity Crisis


April 1996
Vol. 59, No. 6


Back to the “Killing Fields”

The High Cost of Quality Science


March 1996
Vol. 59, No. 5


The Future of the Yale Divinity School

The Undergraduate Publication Proliferation


February 1996
Vol. 59, No. 4


Scholarly Athletics

SOM: Under New Management


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December 1995
Vol. 59, No. 3


Yale Law School Students in Action

Yale Board Games


November 1995
Vol. 59, No. 2


The Masters’ Touch

The New Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life


October 1995
Vol. 59, No. 1


Collecting From the Heart: Richard Brown Baker ’35

Remembering Musical Master Paul Hindemith


Summer 1995
Vol. 58, No. 8


Bass, Yale, and Western Civ.


May 1995
May 1995

Vol. 58, No. 7


Work, Study, Study, Work


Aapril 95
April 1995

Vol. 58, No. 6


The Emerging Urban University

“Things” at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library


March 1995
March 1995

Vol. 58, No. 5


The Pathways of Pain


Feb 1995
February 1995
Vol. 58, No. 4


The Arts Amid Academe

The University’s Five-Year Effort to Raise $1.5 Billion


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December 1994
December 1994

Vol. 58, No. 3


How the Earth Works

Tracking Tenure In the ’90s


November 1994
Vol. 58, No. 2


The New A. D., Tom Beckett

The Rebuilding of Engineering

The Residential Colleges vs. Off-Campus Apartments


October 1994
October 1994

Vol. 58, No. 1


Finding the First Farmers

And the Bands Play On

Dimensions of Dying


Summer 1994
Vol. 57, No. 8


The Changing Face of Affirmative Action

Yale Provost Alison Richard


May 1994
Vol. 57, No. 7


Not the Same Old Summertime

Play Ball!


April 1994
Vol. 57, No. 6


An Anatomy of Multiculturalism

Gary Fryer, Yale’s New Office of Public Affairs Director


March 1994
Vol. 57, No. 5


Physicist Thomas Appelquist, Dean of the Graduate School

Behind the Scenes at the Yale University Art Gallery


February 1994
Vol. 57, No. 4


University Secretary Linda Koch Lorimer ’77JD

This Thing Called Love


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December 1993
Vol. 57, No. 3


The New Institute for Biospheric Studies

The Attraction of Toad’s Place


November 1993
Vol. 57, No. 2


How Computers Are Changing Academe

Restoring New Haven To Its Former Self


October 1993
Vol. 57, No. 1


A Life in Writing: John Hersey, 1914–1993

Can Need-Blind Survive?


Summer 1993
Vol. 56, No. 8


Richard C. Levin, Yale’s 22nd President

The Strange Social Life of Swallows


May 1993
Vol. 56, No. 7


International Studies

A New Dean for the College, Richard Brodhead ’68, ’72PhD

The Art School’s Impact


April 1993
Vol. 56, No. 6


What Is It About Yale Law?

Mapping “Cultural Studies”


March 1993
Vol. 56, No. 5


Getting Into Yale

Forestry Goes Global


February 1993
Vol. 56, No. 4


The University and the Unions

The Children’s Hospital


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December 1992
Vol. 56, No. 3


The Old West: A New Look

Fred Koetter, the New Dean of the School of Architecture

  November 1992
Vol. 56, No. 2

Should the Yale Bowl Be Bulldozed?

Cole Porter, Class of 1913

  October 1992
Vol. 56, No. 1

A Century of Women at Yale

Probing the Presidency

Rev. Frederick Streets, Minister of Change


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