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January/February 2006
Volume 69, Number 3

Feature stories:

Jan/Feb 06 cover  

Yale Under Construction

In the last ten years, nearly every corner of the campus has been cordoned off, torn up, and put back together in a $2 billion program of renovations and new buildings. And there’s more on the way.




Child’s Play

The Yale Rep is pulling out all the stops for a children’s opera from the 1930s. The sets are by Maurice Sendak, the libretto is by Tony Kushner, and there’s a happy ending. But the production history of this play is tragic.




Man and Myth at Yale

For 30 years, Charles Hill was a quietly effective diplomat in the back corridors of the State Department. At Yale, he is the kind of teacher some students hold in awe. In this essay, a former student tells why Hill’s classes have “the aura of power, the whiff of elitism, the promise of an answer to life’s messiest questions.”



from the editor

Alcohol on campus and the great motherhood debate: readers react.

light & verity
+  free ride for music students
+  dispute over Machu Picchu treasures
+  a moderate revolution in campus politics

Three for the Rhodes.

scene on campus
A hockey team hones its skills.

q&a: rick levin
Foreign students and US security.

The theology of jihad.

The perils of sleep apnea; a gene for dyslexia; crystal formation revealed; galaxies in collision.

arts & culture
College admissions and exclusion; an Eli’s epic video-game performance.

where they are now
Rebuilding New Orleans, one porch at a time.

sporting life
The anthropology of The Game; round-up of a championship season.

old yale
African American pioneers.

news from alumni house
A gold medal for Yale.


last look


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