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November/December 2008
Volume 72, Number 2

Feature stories:

A Hard Building to Love

Can it be a masterpiece if it’s impossible to live with? The Chicago Tribune’s architecture critic revisits the building he despised as a student, and has a revelation.


Press Run

The long and varied career of Yale University Press, from Dylan and de Kooning to a history of the hamburger.


Harvard Beats Yale 29–29

The most heartbreaking football game in Yale history lives again, in an indie film.


First Days at Yale

The Freshman Address

Although the economy looks bad, Yale’s president told the Class of 2012, Yale presents “a time of opportunity” for entering freshmen.

Now Arriving
First-years talk about their past and future.

How hard is it to get into Yale?
Stats on acceptance and matriculation for 2008’s first-year students.



from the editor
Economist Robert J. Shiller, the Cassandra of capitalism.

Answers to the Mory’s question; Muslims, Christians, and Jews; amoral education.

light & verity
+ New provost and new Yale College dean.
+ A surprise at SOM.
+ Webwatching
+ Quoted
+ A traditionalist architect for new colleges.
+ Updates
+ Campus Clips
+ Doodle fans disappointed.
+ Do-it-yourself crosswalks.

+ Yale’s sustainable-food guy moves on.
+ More news of Yale people

where they are now
The music school’s anonymous $100 million donors come clean.

scene on campus
An old-fashioned Ivy League barn raising.

old yale
The man who invented radio.

q&a: rik levin
Fifteen years and counting.

+ Bisphenol A and your brain.
+ How we multitask.
+ New questions about cesareans.
+ Noted
+ Sequencing the placazoan genome.

arts & culture
+ Walker Evans pulls a fast one.
+ Fred Shapiro on words coined by Yalies.
+ I See You Everywhere by Julia Glass '78.
+ What’s going on here?
+ Books by Yale authors
+ Calendar

news from alumni house
Alumni ambassadors Down Under.

school notes
News about your Yale school.


last look
The birth of Black Boy.


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