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January/February 2008
Volume 71, Number 3

Feature stories:

Jan/Feb 2008 cover

Man on the Street

As a sociology graduate student in Chicago, Elijah Anderson started hanging out at a South Side bar to learn how the locals saw their place in the world. From that first project grew an academic career that has given the field, and the larger culture, a new understanding of survival, violence, and identity in the inner city.


This is CCL?

Rechristened the Bass Library, the subterranean Cross Campus Library is unrecognizable after a thorough renovation. And most people will agree that that’s a good thing.


A Brief History of Groupthink
In 1972, a Yale psychologist published a book explaining how a group of intelligent presidential advisers could possibly have decided that the Bay of Pigs was a good idea. We talk with four experts for an update on how “groupthink” has influenced their fields.



From the Editor

Readers opine on the environment, immigrants, and The Game.

Light & Verity
Hospital must pay in union dispute; an online environmental magazine; fatal accident at the Rep.

A new director for the Peabody.

Where They Are Now
An Eli sherpa goes home again.

The Yale-Harvard Game
An awful end to a great season.

Scene on Campus
Linsly-Chit’s Tiffany window.

Old Yale
The “first lady” of the CIA.

Getting nuclear disarmament back on track.

Q&A: Rick Levin
Who gets honorary degrees, and why.

Aneurysm early warning; better old drivers; party politics; truth in babble.

Arts & Culture
Abstinence lessons; beyond spectator sports; streaming “roots” culture.

Sporting Life
The fall sports roundup.

News from Alumni House
How to build a shared interest group.

School Notes


Last Look
The crowning touch.


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