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January/February 2007
Volume 70, Number 3

Feature stories:

Jan/Feb 2007 cover  

When Good People Do Evil

Forty-five years ago, Stanley Milgram’s experiments showed that, under orders, decent human beings will do anything.


  the Yale University Art Gallery

Coming to Light

The genius of Louis Kahn’s 1953 addition to the Art Gallery was obscured for years by partitioning, window problems, and crowding. A three-year, $44-million renovation has uncovered the building that Kahn designed.



Students Who Cheat

Is academic plagiarism on the rise? At Yale (and elsewhere), the answer is “maybe.” But administrators aren’t taking any chances.


  The Game

The Boola Boola Thing

Novelist Tom Perrotta ’83 never attended the Yale-Harvard Game—until now.



from the editor

Readers weigh in on the “new evangelists,” tribunals, and Frost.

light & verity
+  talk of new residential colleges
+  how Elis fared in the election
+  Toad’s won’t be hopping this summer

The dean of calamities calls it quits.

where they are now
One of People’s “50 Hottest Bachelors” in the kitchen.

scene on campus
Opera with ice cream.

old yale
Blues in Alaska.

out of the blue
How to make it to your 74th reunion.

The morality of healthcare for all.

q&a: rick levin
Why Yale College will keep early admissions.

Better heart attack care; a rumination gene; baked scorpions; lemur surprise.

arts & culture
A one-man, forty-character show; the Danielewski cult; on the female brain.

news from alumni house
Experience Yale through podcasts.

sporting life
The fall 2006 sports highlights.


school notes
News about your Yale school.

last look


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