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September/October 2003
Volume 68, Number 1

Feature stories:


The High Cost of Winning

A new study charges that the Ivies are corrupting their mission by aggressively recruiting athletes. The data are compelling enough to shake the faith of even a diehard sports fan.



The Second Coming of the Divinity School
Why should a twenty-first-century research university spend millions refurbishing a seminary? Professors, students, and alumni offer twelve views on God and man at Yale.



Flight to Glory

In 1916, an elite group of Yale undergrads decided to try the new sport of motorized flight. Less than a year later, they became leaders of America’s airborne military in the Great War.



This is Your Brain in Tune

Somewhere, hidden in the synapses, are the connections that give one person in ten thousand the mysterious ability called perfect pitch. Neurobiologist Dave Ross wants to find them.



Faking It

“Stone” arches. “Brick” walls. “Iron” gates. An imitation Yale has sprung up on the set of the WB’s Gilmore Girls this summer. Hey—is that the Calhoun courtyard?



Editor’s Letter


Light & Verity
+  the semester begins with a strike
+  Saybrook’s new “worthies”
+  New Haven, strapped, asks Yale for more
+  Carm Cozza enshrined

The Yale Art Gallery—Italian-style—comes to the Met; the original multicellular fossils visit the Peabody.

In Print
Godforsaken places and their partisans; New Haven as urban exemplar; how to curse in Korean.

A giant of civil rights remembered; the Glee Club’s new leader; alumni fellow elected.

Try to explain the inner workings of a flush toilet.

News from Alumni House

Inside the Blue Book
Comparing stories on how it all began.

Old Yale
Heart of glass: Sterling’s decorative windows.


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