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Summer 2000
Volume 63, Number 8

Feature stories:

Framing the Future

Summer 2000 cover  

Yale has spent the last decade pouring money into the renovation of its buildings, but figuring out how those buildings go together is a problem of another sort. After an exhaustive three-year study of the campus, a new “framework for campus planning” offers advice on how to accentuate the positive.


Hillhouse Avenue was once “America’s most beautiful street.” Having fallen into disrepair, the mansions have been reborn, and the University is now turning its attention to the streetscape.


Replanting Ecology

The modern science of ecology began at Yale, but it almost disappeared as a result of the rise of the molecular approach to biology. The creation of the ecology and evolutionary biology department is meant to help the discipline flourish.


An Earthly Undertaking
The AYA’s spring assembly brought delegates and faculty together to explore “Yale and the Global Environment.”




Light & Verity
+  when kids are exposed to violence
+  students protest sweatshops
+  a heavy metal band sues Yale
+  the lightweight crew triumphs

News From Alumni House

African and Asian Art; Bloomsbury and Lear.

A‚Äąteacher of teachers retires; candidate Nader; a Yale playwright wins a Pulitzer.

From the Archives

In Print
Dot-com leap; FCC story; machine mayor.

Spring Scores

A sleep-disorders clinic can quiet wall-rattling snorers.

Inside the Blue Book
Understanding how animals talk to each other reveals the essence of human language.

College Comment
When the stress runs high, “Art Night” calms jangled nerves.

Baccalaureate Address

Old Yale
Depending on whom one believes, Yale may be more or less than 300 years old.


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