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October 1999
Volume 63, Number 1

Feature stories:

The Forest and the Trees

When the forestry school went looking for a new dean last year, the hope was to find someone with international experience. U.N. administrator and environmentalist James Gustave Speth ’64, ’69LLB, has truly global reach.


Countdown to 300

Heard enough about Y2K? Get ready for Y3C. The University is planning a year of celebration and reflection to commemorate its Tercentennial—and you’re invited.


The Path to the Great Stage

George Pierson’s epic history of Yale ended in 1937. In honor of the Tercentennial, historian Gaddis Smith ’54, ’61PhD, is examining the University’s evolution throughout this century.


When the Job’s the Thing

Despite a good economy, the career services office has been a target of undergraduate criticism. With a new director in place, the department is undergoing a major reorganization.


Freshman Address

“Ask questions, and don’t hesitate to accept surprising answers if your observations have been careful and your reasoning has been rigorous,” Yale’s President told the incoming Class of 2003.




Light & Verity
+  a historic house becomes a financial center
+  a charter school with Yale ties
+  zeroing in on diabetes
+  what is Scroll & Key hiding?

Sporting Life
The crew wins at New London.

College Comment
Message from an undergraduate to the Baby Boomers: Give us a break!

“Inky” Clark’s contributions; Kenneth Starr on campus; a new Corporation fellow.

Inside the Blue Book
A political scientist and an English professor team up to teach the words of Lincoln.

News from Alumni House

From the Archives

Tired of chess? Donald Green has a new game for you.

In Print
Not-so-ecological Indians; dropping out and traveling; Cozza’s gridiron career.

Tissot retrospective; Peabody gorillas; Pinter.

Old Yale
The trailblazing paths of Levi Jackson ’50.


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