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September/October 2008
volume 72, number 1

Feature stories:

Will Mory’s survive?

It’s more than just a club: it’s one of the last bastions of Old Yale. Now the bar that birthed the Whiffenpoofs must adapt or die. Is it too late for Mory’s to become relevant again?


The missionary and the gorilla

A nineteenth-century tale of disease, perseverance, scientific infighting, and a landmark of natural history.


Love thy neighbor

Ayatollahs, evangelicals, shaykhs, and rabbis meet at Yale to ask: can we all just get along?


Today Cambridge, tomorrow the world

If you’ve ever longed to humiliate your rivals and dominate your enemies, maybe even seize territory and rule supreme, then GoCrossCampus is the online game for you.



from the editor

Morals v. education; the Serenity Prayer’s author; more on new college names.

light & verity
+ New leads in the 1998 murder of Suzanne Jovin '99.
+ Webwatching.
+ Drama school receives a $2.85 million grant.
+ Updates.
+ 18-year-old art student sues for reinstatement.
+ Quoted.
+ Musicathalon.
+ A peace park for the Middle East.
+ New home for Yale Health.
+ Eli alumns vie for congressional seats.
+ Campus Clips.

+ Remembering bioethicist Arthur Galston.
+ More news of Yale people.

where they are now
An alumna you don’t want to play cards with.

scene on campus
Starry Night in New Haven.

old yale
Noah Webster, Class of 1778, defined.

What an ancient tablet can tell us about Christianity.

q&a: rick levin
Yale provosts: farm team for academe?

+ How to avoid falls—and how to get help fast.
+ Lyme disease didn’t start where you think it did.
+ Maybe ordinary people invented religious tolerance.
+ The coloring of fossil feathers.
+ Noted.

arts & culture
+ Fossilized flowers.
+ The Suicide Index: Putting My Father’s Death in Order.
+ Fred Shapiro on famous quotes.
+ A 9/11 opera.
+ Calendar.
+ What scrapbooks reveal.
+ Books by Yale authors.

news from alumni house
Rethinking the Association of Yale Alumni.

sporting life
+ Yale’s baseball coach, John Stuper.
+ Sports shorts.

school notes
News about your Yale school.


last look
George Washington goes on tour.


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