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May/June 2006
Volume 69, Number 5

Feature stories:

May/June 2006 cover  

Evolution in a Petri Dish

Paul Turner grows deadly viruses—deadly to bacteria, that is—to find out how life evolves.




Stories in the Stones
For more than 200 years, souls from town and gown alike have been memorialized in the Grove Street Cemetery.




Should Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi Be at Yale?

The news that a former spokesman for the Taliban is taking courses in Yale College set off a debate on campus and in the media about the redemptive value of a liberal education.




Whose Skull and Bones?

Did Skull and Bones rob the grave of Geronimo during World War I? New evidence.



from the editor

Readers react to “The Baby Gamble,” jihad, Charles Hill, and football.

light & verity
+  impasse broken over Cancer Center
+  new deans for public health and art
+  Law School awaits ruling

The “bus-riding chaplain” comes to rest.

where they are now
The man who saved Chagall—and hundreds of others—from the Holocaust.

scene on campus
How to peek inside the atom.

old yale
A Divinity School grad who gave up his life jacket.

The Da Vinci Code: fact and fiction about Jesus and Mary Magdalen.

q&a: rick levin
Yale’s “special student” programs.

An advantage to being a lefty; how to grow better blood vessels; the way to your brain is through your stomach.

arts & culture
Chickens on stage—not on plates—at the Cabaret; the buzz (and clank, and thump) around a Yale percussion quartet; the meaning of class pictures; what separates Us from Them.

sporting life
A three-peat for women’s squash.

news from alumni house
A sounding board for the OCD.


last look


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