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December 1999
Volume 63, Number 3

Feature story:

“The Birth of a New Institution”

December 1999

As this magazine reported in October, R. Inslee Clark Jr. ’57 died on August 3 at the age of 64. For 22 years, “Inky” Clark was headmaster of the Horace Mann School in New York, but his name at Yale will forever be associated with his earlier, much-shorter, tour as director of admissions under President Kingman Brewster. Together, these men mounted a revolutionary campaign to accelerate the efforts of President Whitney Griswold and his own director of admissions, Arthur Howe, to transform much of what Yale thought itself to be. Delighting some and outraging others, they succeeded. A writer who is himself a product of the “new” Yale looks back at how they did it, and assesses the results.



Light & Verity
+  a big job for the library
+  the Art Gallery unveils two redesigned floors
+  Quality Wine says goodbye
+  brain cells may keep growing
+  a coach prepares for Sydney

+  Joyce Maynard comes back to Yale
+  Pataki and Rodin are Chubb Fellows

In Print
+  finding religion
+  getting a new face
+  observing campus architecture

From the Archives

College Comment
Cast out of Branford, a student adjusts to the “swing dorm.”

Goethe; George Washington; print connoisseurship; John Ruskin; “treasure house.”

News From Alumni House

Inside the Blue Book
Student cryptographers learn to create secure computers.

For gourmets, eating bugs and other arachnids may be the next culinary adventure.

Old Yale
“Bright College Years” was almost a casualty of the first World War.


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