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November/December 2012
Volume 76, Number 2

Feature stories:

Exit Levin, Smiling

Richard Levin ’74PhD will step down at the end of this academic year, his 20th as president of Yale. We review the highs and lows of his much-praised tenure.

Who’s Next?

What should Yale be looking for in Levin’s successor?

As with so much at Yale, speculation on campus about potential presidential candidates is mostly low-key and refined. Still, there’s been some chatter. Here’s what we’ve heard.

Levin Looks Back
In an interview, the president talks about his best and worst moments—and unfinished business.


Far From Home, Briefly

Why 154 Yale alumni paid $2,000 each, plus plane fare, to work for free in Ghana.


First Days At Yale
“Don’t be shy,” Yale’s president told the incoming Class of 2016. We talked to a few first-years, and found out they’re not.

Freshman Address

Undergraduate education and the research university.

First-years talk about their first impressions.


Online extras include:


A news blog with daily updates tracking Yale and its alumni.

The Yalie of the Week
An alum who has been making headlines—whether for better or for worse.



from the editor
The virtuoso manager.

Stories of women grad students in science; Singapore; the Yale cocktail.

light & verity
ROTC is back on campus
Two Yalies, two pitches, two outs
A temporary classroom on the Cross Campus lawn
“Call Me Maybe” for choir and orchestra
The new Center for Engineering Innovation and Design
Journalist Fareed Zakaria ’86 resigns in plagiarism flap
Swimming alums want to build a new pool
Campus Clips

Yale researchers look for alternative energy source
More news of Yale people

where they are now
A novel on bipolar disorder, drawn from real-life experience.

scene on campus
A cappella groups turn on the charm for potential new members.

new haven
A boathouse for New Haven Harbor.

old yale
The Yalie who invented modern air travel.

The war between the sexes, in the Middle Ages
Things people do to avoid having a seatmate on the bus
Support for the “gateway drug” hypothesis

arts & culture
Mysterious pewter object, identified
Book review: children who don’t fit their families

sporting life
A goalie’s struggle with muscular dystrophy.

the yale classifieds
From Manhattan to Carmel: countrywide real estate offerings.

school notes
News from Yale’s graduate and professional schools.


last look
A Shakespearean relic. Or not.


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